#TechHerOn, why now?

There are countless reasons to hire women in tech. However, barriers still persist. Hiring for a more diverse team can take longer and require more effort. But the pay-off is more than worth it:

• Tech companies with greater gender diversity outperform

by 15%

• Employees at women-led companies are happier, more productive, and easier to retain

With #TechHerOn we officially launch a place that easily connects female tech talents with companies committed to diversity.

It's a place where transparency is key: companies share their diversity policies, gender equity data and put forward their female profiles and innovative policies, in addition to offering an unlimited job board.

There's never been a better time to hire women in tech.

Kat Borlogan

Director La French Tech

Jean-Marc Gottero

Country leader France Slack

Caroline Chavier

Founder The Allyance

Delphine Teil

Talent acquisition Malt

Pierre Burgy

CEO Strapi

Katja Toropainen

Founder Inklusiiv

Amy Lewin

Deputy Editor Sifted

Diarmuid Gill

CTO Criteo

Gabrielle Breau

Talent Recruiter Toucan Toco

Yann Lechelle

CEO Scaleway

Looking to diversify your team?

Businesses like Slack or Twitter, which have taken intentional steps to hire teams with greater diversity, are already reaping the rewards.

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  • or conscious of your shortcomings and pledge to improve
  • By showcasing key diversity & inclusion data, internal policies, benefits & perks
  • Feature your successful diversity stories, and push your inclusive events to an engaged community
  • Make your female talents shine, let them inspire others to join

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